About Us

I was looking for a comfortable way to conceal my handgun while in public and was not happy with any of the available options. So, I made my first wallet holster by cutting the leather by hand with a razor knife, and the first HolsterPro wallet holster was born. We now have custom-made cutting dies that we use to make each holster we sell. We use a hydraulic press to cut each one out so they are accurate and have a clean edge. All holsters are still assembled one at a time, by hand. We take pride in offering products MADE IN THE USA and offer FREE SHIPPING via USPS priority mail, usually within 24 hours of payment. 

We make and sell high quality leather shoot-through concealed carry wallet holsters. Every holster is made by hand using only products made in the USA. Our holsters are 100% legal. We are so confident in our holsters that we offer a money-back guarantee. Our holsters offer the most comfort and best concealment of any holster you have ever tried. They do not allow the print of the gun to show while it is in your pocket, and they offer easy access for quick-firing. They truly are the best concealed carry holsters on the market.

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